I am a dual licensed professional holding my LSW and CCC-SLP with a combined experience of 26 years in these clinical fields. I also hold a certification in Accent Modification, working with non-clinical professionals where I teach strategies to produce stronger communication skills which increases confidence, builds stronger working relationships, and targets language barriers which may be a hindrance with career advancement. 

I conduct my business via online training only, so you may receive personalized and private speech coaching services offered at times convenient for us both. My clients are professionals who are proficient in English as a second language, yet their native language creates barriers to efficient and clear Standard American English pronunciations. They have the desire to strengthen their English pronunciations, intonations and rate of speech all without compromising their cultural values and native language.
I offer services 5 days a week at reasonable hours based on the eastern standard time zone. 

If you are interested to learn more about the program or rates, please contact me for details. Thank you!